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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2002Efficiencies of two stage procedures for selecting the normal population with largest meanBhandari, Subir Kumar; Bose, Mausumi
1988Estimability-consistency and its equivalence with regularity in factorial experimentsMukerjee, Rahul; Bose, Mausumi
2003The mathematics of symmetrical factorial designsBose, Mausumi
2001Multinomial subset selection using inverse sampling and its efficiency with respect to fixed samplingBhandari, Subir Kumar; Bose, Mausumi
1988Non-equireplicate kronecker factorial designsMukerjee, Rahul; Bose, Mausumi
2006On the feasibility of basing Horvitz and Thompson's estimator on a sample by Rao, Hartley, and Cochran's schemeChaudhuri, Arijit; Dihidar, Kajal; Bose, Mausumi
2003Optimal crossover designs under a generalBose, Mausumi; Mukherjee, B
2007Optimal crossover designs with proportional carryover effectsBose, Mausumi; Stufken, John
2007Optimal main effect plans on blocks of small sizeBagchi, Sunanda; Bose, Mausumi
2005Sample size restrictive adaptive sampling : an application in estimating localized elementsChaudhuri, Arijit; Bose, Mausumi; Dihidar, Kajal
1999Selecting the t best cells of a multinomial distributionBose, Mausumi; Bhandari, Subir Kumar
2003Some small and efficient cross- designs under a nonadditive modelBose, Mausumi; Dey, Aloke
2005Universal optimality of patterson's crossover designsShah, Kiriti R; Bose, Mausumi; Raghavarao, Damaraju