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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2002A Delay differential equation model on harmful algal blooms in the presence of toxic substancesChattopadhyay, J; Sarkar, Ram Rup; Abdllaoui, A EI
1998A Delay differential model of plankton allelopathyMukhopadhyay, A; Chattopadhyay, J; Tapaswi, P K
2005Disease selective predation may lead to prey extinctionRoy, S; Chattopadhyay, J
1996Effect of inhibitors on row-intercropping systemChattopadhyay, J; Tapaswi, P K; Banik, Pabitra; Bagchi, D K
1996Effect of time varying cross diffusivity in a two spaces Lotka-volterra competitive systemRoychoudhury, S; Sinha, D K; Chattopadhyay, J
1996Effect of toxic substance on a two species competitive systemChattopadhyay, J
2003Effect of viral infection on the generalised gause model of predator prey systemChattopadhyay, J; Mukhopadhyay, A; Roy, P K
2004Effects of environmental fluctuations on the occurrence of malignant malaria - a model based studyChattopadhyay, J; Sarkar, Ram Rup; Chaki, S; Bhattacharya, S
2007Enrichment and ecosystem stability : effect of toxic foodRoy, S; Chattopadhyay, J
2008The evolution on eco epidemiological system:theory and evidenceBairagi, N; Chattopadhyay, J
1996Global stability results on a susceptible infective immune susceptible(SIRS) epidemic modelTapaswi, P K; Chattopadhyay, J
1996Immunity boosted by low level of exposure to infection in an SIRS modelGhosh, A K; Chattopadhyay, J; Tapaswi, P K
2007Interaction among non toxic phytoplankton, toxic phytoplankton and zooplankton : inferences from field observationsRoy, S; Bhattacharya, S; Das, P; Chattopadhyay, J
2004Mathematical modeling of harmful algal blooms supported by experimental findingsChattopadhyay, J; Sarkar, Ram Rup; Pal, S
2008Modeling migrarory grazing of zooplankton on toxic and non toxic phytoplanktonChowdhury, T; Roy, S; Chattopadhyay, J
2008Nutrient limited toxin production and the dynamics of two phytoplankton in culture media: a mathematical modelChakraborty, S; Roy, S; Chattopadhyay, J
2003Occurrence of planktonic blooms under environmental fluctuations and its possible control mechanism-mathematical models and experimental observationsSarkar, Ram Rup; Chattopadhyay, J
2001Parasitod may determine plant fitness-mathematical model based on experimental dataChattopadhyay, J; Sarkar, Ram Rup; Hoballah, Fritzsche; Elona, M; Turling, T C J; Bersier, L F
2002Pelican at risk in salton sea- a delay induced eco-epidemiological modelBairagi, N; Chattopadhyay, J
1-Sep-2003Pelicans at risk in Salton sea—aneco-epidemiological model-IIChattopadhyay, J; Srinivasu, P D N; Bairagi, N