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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1984Application of least square estimation technique for image restoration using signal noise correlation constraintChanda, Bhabatosh; Chaudhuri, B B; Dutta Majumder, D
1985Applications of quadtree, octree and binary tree decomposition techniques of shape analysis and pattern recognitionChaudhuri, B B
2000An approach for recognition and interpretation of mathematical expressions in printed documentChaudhuri, B B; Garain, U
2002Automatic recognition of printed oriya scriptChaudhuri, B B; Pal, U; Mitra, M
2003Automatic selection of structuring element for bengali numerical recognitionChanda, Bhabatosh; Chaudhuri, B B
1982Bayer's error and its sensitivity in statistical pattern recognition in noisy environmentChaudhuri, B B
19-Mar-2015Character occurrence statistics in Bangla language and recognition of Bangla printed scriptPal, U; Chaudhuri, B B
2001Characterization and automatic counting of F I S H signals in 3-D tissue imagesAdiga PS, Umesh; Knight, Samantha JL; Chaudhuri, B B
1988Characterization anf featuring of histological section imagesChaudhuri, B B; Rodenacker, K; Burger, G
1998A complete printed Bangla OCR systemChaudhuri, B B; Pal, U
2006A complete system for bangla handwritten numerical recognitionPal, U; Belaid, A; Chaudhuri, B B
1993Computing the shape of a point set in digital imagesParui, S K; Sarkar, S; Chaudhuri, B B
1992Concave fuzzy set- a concept complementary to the convex fuzzy setChaudhuri, B B
23-Mar-2015Concepts of minimal separation and maximal pocket in 3D digital spaceSaha, P K; Chaudhuri, B B
2005A corpus for OCR research on mathematical expressionsGarain, U; Chaudhuri, B B
1996A data driven procedure for density estimation with some applicationsChaudhuri, D; Murthy, C A; Chaudhuri, B B
1999Deformable models for segmentation of CLSM tissue images and its application in FISH signal analysisChaudhuri, B B; Adiga, P S Umesh
1997A delayed syntactic encoding based LFG parsing strategy for an Indian language BanglaSengupta, Probal; Chaudhuri, B B
Feb-1993Detection and gradation of oriented textureChaudhuri, B B; Kundu, Pulak; Sarkar, Nirupam
Oct-1994Detection of 3-D simple points for topology preserving transformations with application to thinningSaha, P K; Chaudhuri, B B