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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1982A procedure for recognition of connected handwritten numeralsParui, S K; Chaudhuri, B B; Dutta Majumder, D
1980Recognition and fuzzy description of sides and symmetries of figure by computerChaudhuri, B B; Dutta Majumdar, D
2004Recognition of online handwritten mathematical expressionsGarain, U; Chaudhuri, B B
2006A rough set based inference engine for ECG classificationMitra, S; Mitra, M; Chaudhuri, B B
2003Script line seperation from indian multi script documentsPal, U; Chaudhuri, B B
2002Segmentation of touching characters in printed devagari and bangla scripts using fuzzy multifactorial analysisGarain, U; Chaudhuri, B B
1979Sensitivity analysis of optical wave guidesChaudhuri, B B
2001Skeletonization by a topology adaptive self organizing neural networkDatta, Amitava; Parui, S K; Chaudhuri, B B
1984Some algorithms for image enhancement incorporating human visual responseChanda, Bhabatosh; Chaudhuri, B B; Dutta Majumder, D
Jun-2000Some efficient methods to correct confocal images for easy interpretationAdiga, P S Umesh; Chaudhuri, B B
2007Statistical analysis of Telugu text corporaKumar, G Bharadwaja; Murthy, Kavi Narayana; Chaudhuri, B B
Oct-1995Target detection : remote sensing techniques for defense applicationsChaudhuri, B B; Parui, S K
1997Texture synthesis by a neural network modelChaudhuri, B B; Kundu, P
1995Texure segmentation using fractal dimensionsChaudhuri, B B; Sarkar, Nirupam