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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1995Bootstrapping an empirical bayes estimator of the distribution of historical control in carcinogen bioassayDewanji, Anup
2002Choice of stratification in poisson process analysis of recurrent event data withDewanji, Anup; Moolgavkar, Suresh H
2005The effect of record linkage errors on risk estimates in cohort mortality studiesKrewski, D; Dewanji, Anup; Wang, Y; Bartlett, S; Zielinski, J M; Mallick, R
Dec-2003Estimation of competing risks with general missing pattern in failure typesDewanji, Anup; Sengupta, Debasis
2003Exploring heterogeneity in tumor data using Markov chain Monte CarloDe Gunshut, M C M; Dewanji, Anup; Luebeck, E G
2005A generalized luria delbruck modelDewanji, Anup; Luebeck, E G; Moolgavkar, Suresh H
1999Observation on the zinc protoporphyrin/heme ratio in whole bloodLabbe, R F; Dewanji, Anup; Mclaughlin, K
1999Observations on the zinc protoporphyrin/ Hems 198.Labbe, R F; Dewanji, Anup; Mclaughlin, K
1995On a likelihood based approach in nonparametric smoothing and cross validationDewanji, Anup
2001On system reliability under stress strength modelingDewanji, Anup; Rao, T S
2003On the relationship between time-series studies,dynamic population studies and estimating life lost due to short term exposure to environmental risksBurnett, Richard T; Dewanji, Anup; Dominici, Francesca; Goldberg, Mark S; Cohen, Aaron; Krewski, Daniel
2001An optimal design for simple illness-death modelDewanji, Anup; Biswas, Atanu
2002An optimal estimating equation with unspecified variancesDewanji, Anup; Zhao, Lue ping
2004Optimal scheduling of intermediate examination times in simple illness-depth modelDewanji, Anup; Biswas, Atanu
2000A poisson process approach for recurrent event data with environmental covariatesDewanji, Anup; Moolgavkar, Suresh H
2005Presence of tropical hydrophytes in relation to limnilogical parameters-a study on two freshwater ponds in kolkataMukhopadhyay, Gautam; Dewanji, Anup
Apr-1988Projection of HIV infection in CalcuttaBasu, A; Majumder, Partha P; Chakraborty, M S; Dewanji, Anup; Ghosh, J K
2004A randomized longitudinal play the winner design for repeated binary dataBiswas, Atanu; Dewanji, Anup
2011Semiparametric estimation of quality adjusted lifetime distribution in semi-Markov illness–death modelPradhan, Biswabrata; Dewanji, Anup
1999Two stage model for carcinogenesis:Number and size distributions of premalignant clones in longitudinal studiesDewanji, Anup; Goddard, M J; Krewski, D; Moolgavkar, Suresh H