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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1986General, direct and self implementation of social choice functions via protective equilibriaBarbera, Salvador; Dutta, Bhaskar
1982Implementability via protective equilibriaBarbera, Salvador; Dutta, Bhaskar
2000Incentive compatible reward schemes for labour managed firmsDutta, Bhaskar; Barbera, Salvador
1982Multivariate social choice functions and strategic manipulation with counterthreatsDutta, Bhaskar
1991A necessary and sufficient condition for two persons Nash implementationDutta, Bhaskar; Sen, Arunava
1991A necessary and sufficient condition for two-person nash implimentationSen, Arunava; Dutta, Bhaskar
1997Notes,comments and letters to the editorDutta, Bhaskar
1995Protective equilibria in matching modelsBarbera, Salvador; Dutta, Bhaskar
1996Ranking opportunity sets and arrow impossibility theorems : correspondence resultsDutta, Bhaskar; Sen, Arunava
2004Reforming food subsidies : estimating the gains from self-targeting in IndiaDutta, Bhaskar; Ramaswami, Bharat
1992Social welfare and equalityDutta, Bhaskar; Esteban, J
2000The stability and efficiency of directed communication networksDutta, Bhaskar; Jacksorr, M
1997Stable networksDutta, Bhaskar; Mutuswami, Suresh
2001Strategic candidacy and voting proceduresDutta, Bhaskar; Jackson, Matthew O; Breton, Michel Le
2002Strategy proof probabilistic mechanisms in economics with pure publicSen, A; Dutta, Bhaskar; Peters, H
2001Strategy-proof social choice correspondencesBarbera, Salvador; Dutta, Bhaskar; Sen, Arunava
5-May-2001Targeting and efficiency in the public distribution system : case of Andhra Pradesh and MaharashtraDutta, Bhaskar; Ramaswami, Bharat