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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1956The geological, mining and metallurgical society of India, CalcuttaMahalanobis, P C
1969Growth of population of India and Pakistan:1800-1961Mahalanobis, P C; Bhattacharya, D P
1959Heralding a new epoch. A study of Nehru: edited by Rafiq Zakaria, 1959, 309-320Mahalanobis, P C
1949Historical note on the D²-statistics, appendix I. anthropological survey of United Provinces, 1941: a statistical studyMahalanobis, P C
1958IIndustrialization of underdeveloped countries- a means to peaceMahalanobis, P C
1978Impact of Tagore on modern IndiaMahalanobis, P C
17-Mar-1967The Importance of science and technology in relation to economic and national developmentMahalanobis, P C
1951In memoriam : Abraham WaldMahalanobis, P C
1954India. finance (ministry of---) economic affairs (dept. of-) national income committee chairmanMahalanobis, P C
1934Influence of shape and size of plots on the accuracy of field experiments with rice, Chinsurah, BengalMahalanobis, P C; Chakravorti, S C; Banerjee, E A R
1963Introducing volume twenty-fiveMahalanobis, P C
1959Izuchenic problem industrializatii slaborazvitikh stranMahalanobis, P C
1923Jhar Bristir KathaMahalanobis, P C
1943Kabi kathaMahalanobis, P C
1960Kabi smritiMahalanobis, P C
1936Karl Pearson, 1857-1936Mahalanobis, P C
1921Keno Rabindranath-ke chaiMahalanobis, P C
1960Labour problems in a mixed economy.Mahalanobis, P C
1960Lipikar SuchanaMahalanobis, P C
1926Local variations of specimens of cardina nilotica var gracilipesMahalanobis, P C