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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1966Objectives of science and technologyMahalanobis, P C
1964Objects of science education in underdeveloped countriesMahalanobis, P C
1964Objects of science education in underdeveloped countriesMahalanobis, P C
1937On an exact test of association between the occurrence of thunderstorm and an abnormal ionisationMahalanobis, P C; Bose, S S
1938On an improved model of the profiloscopeMahalanobis, P C
1935On estimating individual yields in the case of mixed up yields of two or more plots in agricultural experiments.Mahalanobis, P C; Bose, S S
1944On large scale sample surveysMahalanobis, P C
1953On some aspects of the Indian national sample surveyMahalanobis, P C; Sen, S B
1930On test and measures of group divergence : theoretical formulaeMahalanobis, P C
1937On the accuracy of profile measurements with a photographic profiloscopeMahalanobis, P C
1922On the correction of a coefficient of correlation for observational errorsMahalanobis, P C
1937On the distribution of Fisher's taxonomic coefficientMahalanobis, P C
1935On the distribution of the ratio variances of two samples drawn from a given normal bivariate correlated populationMahalanobis, P C; Bose, S S
1935On the generalised statistical distance between samples from two normal populationsMahalanobis, P C; Bose, Raj Chandra
Apr-1936On the generalized distance in StatisticsMahalanobis, P C
1928On the need for standardization in measurements on the livingMahalanobis, P C
1920On the new compensated ballistic method for magnetic measurements, with a preliminary note on the magnetic behaviour of nickel in the form of powder under different physical stimuliMahalanobis, P C; Mukherji, Sasanka Sekhar
1931On the normalization of statistical variatesMahalanobis, P C
1922On the probable error of constants obtained by linear interpolationMahalanobis, P C
1922On the probable error of the component frequency constants of a dissected frequency curveMahalanobis, P C