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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1933Tables for comparing standard deviations of small samplesMahalanobis, P C
1933Tables for L-testsMahalanobis, P C
1934Tables for random samples from a normal populationMahalanobis, P C; Bose, S S; Ray, Prabhat Ranjan; Banerjee, S K
1934Tables for testing the significance of linear regression in the case of time series and other single value samplesMahalanobis, P C; Bose, S S
1933Tables for the application of Neyman and Pearson's L tests for judging the significance of observed divergence in mean values and variabilities of k samplesMahalanobis, P C
1931Tagore chronicle : 1861-1931Mahalanobis, P C
1961Talks on planningMahalanobis, P C
1939The technique of random sample surveyMahalanobis, P C
1938Test of significance of treatment means with mixed-up yields in field experimentsMahalanobis, P C; Bose, S S
1934Thirty years of rice yields in lower Birbhum, BengalMahalanobis, P C; Ali, Hashim Amir
1946Traffic census on new Howrah bridgeMahalanobis, P C
1946Traffic census on new Howrah bridgeMahalanobis, P C
2012A Tribute to Prof P C Mahalanobis on his 119th Birth AnniversaryMahalanobis, P C
1959Unemployment and underemployment. address delivered as the sectional chairman of the second all India labour economics conference, Agra, January 1959Mahalanobis, P C
1949United Nations economic and social council : sub-commission on statistical samplingMahalanobis, P C
1965Use of capital output ratio in planning in developing countriesMahalanobis, P C
1933Use of random sampling numbers in agricultural experimentsMahalanobis, P C
1959The use of sample surveys in demographic studies in IndiaMahalanobis, P C; Das Gupta, A
1933Use of the method of paired differences for estimating the significance of field trialsMahalanobis, P C
1937Variation of rainfall with lunar periods in Calcutta for the month of JulyMahalanobis, P C