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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2000Quantitative dermatoglyphics and population structure in Northwest IndiaReddy, B Mohan; Chopra, Virendra P; Karmakar, B; Malhotra, K C; Mueller, Hermann
Sep-1988Quantitative palmar dermatoglyphics and the assesment of population affinitiesReddy, B Mohan; Chopra, V P; Karmakar, B; Malhotra, K C
1991Relationship between birth order of spouses with different degrees of consanguineous relationshipReddy, B Mohan; Malhotra, K C
1981Relationship between types of axial triradii and true hypothenar patternsMalhotra, K C; Reddy, B Mohan; Karmakar, B; Vijay Kumar, M
1995Relevance surnames in population structure-a study among the vadde, a fishing community of Kolleru lake in Andhra Pradesh, IndiaReddy, B Mohan; Malhotra, K C
1988Reproductive structure of the vadde and palle fisherfolk from Kolleru lake, IndiaReddy, B Mohan; Malhotra, K C
Dec-1979Role of deities in symbolizing conflicts of dispersing human groupsGadgil, Madhav; Malhotra, K C
1977Sickle cell trait, haemoglobin variants, G-6PD defficiency and colour blindness amongst the santals of Hoogly, West BengalMukherjee, B N; Das, S K; Malhotra, K C; Kate, S L
1995Social, geographic, linguistic and temporal changes in consanguinity among sixteen tribes of central IndiaDas, Ketaki; Malhotra, K C
1982Tongue pigmentation among the dhangars of Maharashtra and Georgians of Georgia, USSRMalhotra, K C
1987Total fluctuating asymmetry variance of digital ridge counts in manMalhotra, K C
1987Types and combinations of axial triradii among the 20 dhangar castes of MaharashtraKarmakar, B; Malhotra, K C
1977Variation in allele frequencies among caste groups of the Dhangars of Maharashtra, India : an analysis with wrights Fst statisticChakraborty, Ranajit; Chakravarti, Arvinda; Malhotra, K C
1984Variation in finger ridge counts among 5 endogamous groups of RajathanMalhotra, K C; Sarkar, B
1996Variation in palmar interdigital ridge counts among the 20 Dhangar castes of Mharastra,IndiaKarmakar, B; Vasulu, T S; Malhotra, K C; Bhanu, B V