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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1940Balanced confounded arrangements for the 5ⁿ type of experimentNair, K R
1943Certain inequality relationships among athe combinatorial parameters of incomplete block designsNair, K R
1945Influence of humidity and temperature on the yield of cottonNair, K R; Bose, Purnendu Kumar
1939The median in tests by randomizationNair, K R
1937A note on the exact distribution of λnNair, K R
1943A note on the fitting of straight lines if both variables are subject to errorNair, K R; Banerjee, K S
1941A note on the method of fitting of constants for analysis of non-orthogonal data arranged in a double classificationNair, K R
1943A note on the problem of k samplesNair, K R
1962On a simple method of curve fittingNair, K R; Shrivastava, M P
1941On complete sets of latin squaresNair, K R; Bose, Raj Chandra
1938On the method of getting confounded arrangements in the general symmetrical type of experimentNair, K R
1938On Tippett's random sampling numbersNair, K R
1938Partially balanced incomplete block designsBose, Raj Chandra; Nair, K R
1944The recovery of inter-block information in complete block designNair, K R
1940Simplified method of analysis of quasifactorial experiments in square lattice with a preliminary note on joint analysis of yield of paddy and strawMahalanobis, P C; Nair, K R
1941Statistical analysis of experiments on differential Limen values for lifted weightsMahalanobis, P C; Nair, K R
1940Table of confidence interval for the median in samples from any continuous populationNair, K R