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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1995Aharanov- bohm interaction for a deformed nonrelativistic spin 1/2 particleRoy, P; Roychoudhury, Rajkumar
2001Anamolous doublets of states in PT-symmetric quantum modelRoy, P; Znojil, M; Levai, G; Roychoudhury, Rajkumar
2007A class of exactly solvable schrodinger equation with moving boundary conditionJana, T; Roy, P
1998Coditionally exactly solvable potentials : a supersymmetric construction methodRoy, P; Junker, Georg
2006Coherent states of non-hermitian quantum systemsRoy, B; Roy, P
2001Comprehensive analysis of conditionally exactly solvable modelsRoychoudhury, Rajkumar; Roy, P; Znojil, M; Levai, G
1999Conditionally exactly solvable potentials and supersymmetric transformationsRoy, P; Levai, G
1997Conditionally exactly solvable problems and nonlinear algebrasRoy, P; Junker, Georg
2007Construction of C operator for a Pt symmetric modelRoychoudhury, Rajkumar; Roy, P
2005Effective mass schrodlinger equation and nonlinear algebrasRoy, B; Roy, P
22-Apr-2002Gazeau–Klauder coherent state for the Morse potential and some of its propertiesRoy, B; Roy, P
2007Generalised swanson models and their solutionsSinha, A; Roy, P
2007Higher order intertwining approach to quasi normal modesJana, T; Roy, P
2000Motion of a spin 1/2 particle in shape invariant scalar and magnetic fieldsRoy, P; Tkachuk, V M
2001A new class of PT symmetric hamiltonians with real spectraCannata, F; Loffe, M; Roychoudhury, Rajkumar; Roy, P
2000New nonlinear coherent states and some of their propertiesRoy, B; Roy, P
Nov-1994A note on the k deformed landau problemRoy, P; Roychoudhury, Rajkumar
1999Phase distribution of even and odd nonlinear coherent statesRoy, B; Roy, P
2000Phase properties of a new nonlinear coherent stateRoy, B; Roy, P
2005PT symmetric models with nonlinear pseudo supersymmetrySinha, A; Roy, P