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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2007Comparative analysis of bacterial genomes : identification divergent regions in mycobacterial strains using an anchor based approachVishnoi, Anchal; Roy, Rahul; Bhattacharya, Alok
2002Critical intensities of boolean models with different underlying convex shapesRoy, Rahul; Tanemura, Hideeki
1991The economic of orchards - an exercise in point-input, flow-output capital theoryMitra, Tapan; Ray, Debraj; Roy, Rahul
2004Exit times from equilateral trianglesAlbert, A; Farre, M; Roy, Rahul
2002High asymptotics of the poisson random connection modelRoy, Rahul; Sarkar, A
2012An Improved swarm optimized functional link artificial neural network (ISO-FLANN) for classificationDehuri, S; Roy, Rahul; Sungbae, Cho; Ghosh, A
2004On random minimal directed spanning treesBhatt, Abhay G; Roy, Rahul
2004On the coverage of space by random setsAthreya, S; Roy, Rahul; Sarkar, A
1994On the relationship between fractal dimension and fractal index for stationary stochastic processesHall, P; Roy, Rahul
2004Random oriented trees : a model of drainage networksGangopadhyay, Sreela; Roy, Rahul; Sarkar, A
2005Rigorous results on the threshold network modelKonno, Norio; Masuda, Naoki; Roy, Rahul; Sarkar, Anish
1990The Russo-Seymour-welsh theorem and equality of the critical densities and the dual critical densities for continuum percolation on R2Roy, Rahul
1994Uniqueness of unbounded occupied and vacant components in Boolean modelsMeester, Ronald; Roy, Rahul