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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2003Efficient implementation of cryptographically useful large boolean functionsSarkar, Palash; Maitra, Subhamoy
Apr-2005Efficient implementation of cryptographically useful Large Boolean functionsSarkar, Palash; Maitra, Subhamoy
27-Aug-1999Hamming weights of correlation immune boolean functionsMaitra, Subhamoy; Sarkar, Palash
2008HCH : a new tweakable enciphering scheme using the hash-counter-hash approachChakraborty, Debrup; Sarkar, Palash
Jan-2005Improved construction of non-linear resilient S-boxesGupta, Kishan Chand; Sarkar, Palash
2005Improved construction of nonlinear resilient S-boxesGupta, Kishan Chand; Sarkar, Palash
2007Improving upon the TET mode of operationSarkar, Palash
2005Masking based domain extenders for UOWHFs : bounds and constructionSarkar, Palash
2002Maximum nonlinearity of symmetric boolean functions in odd number of variablesMaitra, Subhamoy; Sarkar, Palash
Jan-2002Modifications of Patterson-wiedemann functions for cryptographic applicationsMaitra, Subhamoy; Sarkar, Palash
1998Multidimensional automata, polynomial and generalized s-matricesBarua, Rana; Sarkar, Palash
Mar-1998Polynomial division using left shift registerSarkar, Palash; Roy, Bimal Kumar; Choudhury, P P; Barua, Rana
1998The set of reversible 90/150 cellular automata is regularBarua, Rana; Sarkar, Palash
2002Spectral domain analysis of correlation immune and resilient boolean functionSarkar, Palash; Carlet, Claude
2002Spectral domain analysis of correlation immune and resilient boolean functionsSarkar, Palash; Carlet, Claude
1999Studies on finite linear cellular automataSarkar, Palash
1993Study of three combinatorial problemsSarkar, Palash
2005Towards a general correlation theoremGupta, Kishan Chand; Sarkar, Palash
2007Towards minimizing memory requirement for implementation of hyperelliptic curve cryptosystems,practice and experienceMishra, Pradeep Kumar; Pal, P; Sarkar, Palash
1997VLSI architecture of a cellular automata machineKhan, Raouf A; Mitra, S; Sarkar, Palash