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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
22-Aug-1949Handling of patentable ideas : a preference study-case 38138Shewhart, W A
Dec-1938Importance of some statistical characteristics of a standard of qualityShewhart, W A
24-Mar-1956Important kinds of meaning in quality controlShewhart, W A
Oct-1935Inherent qualityShewhart, W A
1933Inspection engineeringShewhart, W A
2-Mar-1936Inspection engineering from the viewpoint of managementShewhart, W A
19-Feb-1936Interpretation of specificationsShewhart, W A
Mar-1931Logic of discoveryShewhart, W A
27-Sep-1946Luncheon comments at opening of conference on acceptance samplingShewhart, W A
21-Feb-1941Mathematical statistics in mass productionShewhart, W A
1929Measurement of qualityShewhart, W A
Sep-1935Nature and origin of standards of qualityShewhart, W A
Jan-1958Nature and origin of standards of qualityShewhart, W A
5-Dec-1929New era and what it meansShewhart, W A
Jul-1928Note on the probability associated with the error of a single observationShewhart, W A
1941Notes on some fundamental inspection problemsShewhart, W A
26-Feb-1938Observational significance of accuracy and precisionShewhart, W A
Aug-1922On the measurement of a physical quantity whose magnitude is influenced by primary causes beyond the control of the observer and on the method of determining the relation between two such quantitiesShewhart, W A
12-May-1945Operational meaning of randomShewhart, W A
12-Aug-1944Potential opportunities for statisticiansShewhart, W A