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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Feb-1946RandomnessShewhart, W A
27-Sep-1946Reasons for samplingShewhart, W A
1964Report on India tripShewhart, W A
6-May-1949Response to presentation of scroll indicating honorary membership in the American society for quality controlShewhart, W A
Jan-1933Role of statistical method in economic standardizationShewhart, W A
Jan-1919Role played by generalizations in laboratory physicsShewhart, W A
1945Science of engineering made possible by scientific methodShewhart, W A
Nov-1928Significance of an observed rangeShewhart, W A
16-Mar-1936Significant differences in qualityShewhart, W A
Jun-1928Small samples--new experimental resultsShewhart, W A
Jan-1924Some applications of statistical methodsShewhart, W A
Dec-1934Some aspects of quality controlShewhart, W A
6-Dec-1935Some basic principles for interpreting specifications of qualityShewhart, W A
Nov-1935Some basic principles for talking straight about qualityShewhart, W A
10-Jan-1941Some comments on the contribution of statistics to scientific methodShewhart, W A
1936Some comments on the practical significance of tests for significanceShewhart, W A
6-May-1944Some professional problems of the industrial statisticianShewhart, W A
Dec-1950Statistical controlShewhart, W A
1935Statistical control in applied scienceShewhart, W A
25-Aug-1949Statistical control in the conservation and utilization of resourcesShewhart, W A