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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1996Generalised fock spaces,interpolation multiplier,circle geometryPeetre, Jaak; Thangavelu, S; Wallin, Nils-olof
1998Hermie and special hermite expansions revisitedThangavelu, S
Aug-1993Hermite expansions on Rn for radial functionsThangavelu, S
2000Local ergodic theorems for K-spherical averages on the heisenberg groupThangavelu, S
Dec-1993A note on transplantation theorem of Kanjin and multiple laguerre expantionsThangavelu, S
1993On conjugate poissons intregrals and riesz transforms for the hermite expensionsThangavelu, S
2001On injectivity sets for the spherical means on the Heisenberg groupNarayanan, E K; Thangavelu, S
2003On strichartz uncertainity principle for the helsenberg groupSmitha, C; Thangavelu, S
2001On the equisummability of hermite and fourier expansionsNarayanan, E K; Thangavelu, S
2001On the injectivity of twisted spherical meansSajith, G; Thangavelu, S
2005On theorems of beurling and hardy for the euclidean motion groupSarkar, Rudra P; Thangavelu, S
2001Oscillating multipliers for some eigenfunction expansionsNarayanan, E K; Thangavelu, S
1994A paley-weiner theorem for step two nilponent lie groupsThangavelu, S
2003Paley-wiener and hardy theorems for NA groupsThangavelu, S
2008Probabilistic representations of solutions of the forward equationsRajeev, B; Thangavelu, S
2003Probabilistic representations of solutions to the heat equationRajeev, B; Thangavelu, S
2000Some remarks on bochner riesz meansThangavelu, S
1996An uncertainty principle for eigenfunction expansionsPati, Vishwambhar; Sitaram, Alladi; Sundari, M; Thangavelu, S
May-1995Uncertainty principles on certain lie groupsSitaram, Alladi; Sundari, M; Thangavelu, S