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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1986Applications of an inequality in information theory to matricesBapat, R B
2007Block distance matricesBalaji, R; Bapat, R B
1993Characterizations of identically distributed independent random variables using order statisticsKochar, Subhash C; Bapat, R B
2004Decomposition of generalized polynomial symmetric matricesBapat, R B; Jain, S K; Tynan, John
2006Determinant of the distance matrix of a tree with matrix weightsBapat, R B
1988Discrete multivariate distributions and generalized log- concavityBapat, R B
2005Distance matrix and Laplacian of a tree with attached graphsBapat, R B
2004Energy of a graph is never an odd integerBapat, R B; Pati, S
2001Existence of generalized inverse:Ten proofs and some remarksBapat, R B
2007Exploring mathematical ideas with a deck of cardsBapat, R B
2003Generalized inverses of bordered matricesBapat, R B; Bing, Zheng
1999Generalized matrix tree theorem for mixed graphsBapat, R B; Grossman, J W; Kulkarni, D M
1999Generalized power symmetric stochastic matricesBapat, R B; Jain, S K; Prasad, K Manjunath
1996An identy for the joint distribution of order statistics and its applicationsBalasubramanian, K; Bapat, R B; Beg, M I
1986Inequalities for mixed schur functionsBapat, R B
2004Inequalities for permanents involving perron complementsBapat, R B; Neumann, Michael
1989Infinite divisibility of multivariate gamma distributions and m-matricesBapat, R B
1999Linear estimation in models based on a graphBapat, R B
1987Majorization and singular valuesBapat, R B
1998A Max version of perron-frobenius theoryBapat, R B