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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1956The concept of asymptotic efficiencyBasu, D
1952An example of non-existence of minimum variance estimatorsBasu, D
1958The family of ancillary statisticsBasu, D
2004Genetic heterogeneity in northeastern India: reflection of trbecaste continum in the genetic structureKumar, Vikrant; Basu, D; Reddy, B Mohan
1955An inconsistency of the method of maximum likelihoodBasu, D
1969Invariant sets for translation-parameter families of measuresBasu, D; Ghosh, J K
1956A note on the multivariate extension of some theorems related to the univariate normal distributionBasu, D
1950A note on the power of the best critical region for increasing sample sizeBasu, D
1955A note on the structure of a stochastic model considered by V M DandekarBasu, D
1955A note on the theory of unbiased estimationBasu, D
1952On a class of admissible estimators of the normal varianceBasu, D
1958On sampling with and without replacementBasu, D
1969On some characterizations of statisticsBasu, D; Khatri, C G
1954On some characterizations of the normal distributionBasu, D; Laha, R G
1955On statistics independent of a complete sufficient statisticsBasu, D
1958On statistics independent of sufficient statisticsBasu, D
1952On symmetric estimators in point estimation with convex weight functionBasu, D
1952On symmetric estimators in point estimation with convex weight functionsBasu, D
1951On the limit points of relative frequenciesBasu, D
1954On the optimum character of some estimators used in multistage sampling problemsBasu, D