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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2000Exact minimum disparity inference in complex multinomial modelsMitra, Sinjini; Basu, Srabashi; Basu, Ayanendranath
1995Model-based estimation of population attributable risk under cross-sectional samplingBasu, Srabashi; Landis, J Richard
2003Parametric models for incubation distribution in presence of left and right censoringSrinivas rao, Arni S R; Basu, Srabashi; Basu, Ayanendranath; Ghosh, J K
1998Penalized minium disparity methods for multinomial modelsBasu, Srabashi; Basu, Ayanendranath
2006Robust and efficient parametric estimation of censored survival dataBasu, Srabashi; Basu, Ayanendranath; Jones, M C
1997Robust minimum divergence procedures for count data modelsBasu, Ayanendranath; Basu, Srabashi; Chaudhuri, Gopal
1997Robust tests for equality of two population means under the normal modelBasu, Ayanendranath; Sarkar, Sahadeb; Basu, Srabashi
1996Tests of hypothesis in discrete models based on the penalized hellinger distanceBasu, Ayanendranath; Harris, Ian R; Basu, Srabashi
Jan-1996Variation in the incidence and proportion of diabetes-related amputations in minoritiesLavery, L A; Ashry, H R; Houtum, W V; Pugh, J A; Harkless, L B; Basu, Srabashi
2003Words in DNA sequences : some case studied based on their frequency statisticsBasu, Srabashi; Burma, Debi Prasad; Chaudhuri, Probal
2003Words in DNA sequences : some case studies based on their frequency statisticsBasu, Srabashi; Chaudhuri, Probal; Burma, Debi Prasad