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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2006Antiquity,geographic contiguity and generic affinity among Tibeto-burman populations of India:a microsatellite studyKrithika, S; Trivedi, R; Kashyap, V K; Bharati, P; Vasulu, T S
2007Breastfeeding practices and nutritional status of preschool children among the shabar tribal community in Orissa,IndiaChakrabarty, S; Ghosh, R; Bharati, P
2008Chronic energy deficiency among the Indian women by residential statusBharati, P; Bharati, S; Pal, M; Chakrabarty, S; Gupta, R
2001Climate and head form in indiaBharati, S; Som, S; Bharati, P; Vasulu, T S
1994Comparative study skinfold thickness of adolescent Mahishya girls of Howrah districtMukherji, D; Chanda, S; Bharati, P; Bharati, S
2004Dimensions and causes of child mainutrition : a Study of preschool children of raipurMitra, M; Twari, A; Ghosh, R; Bharati, P
2004Effect of socio-economic and biological variables on birth weightSom, S; Pal, M; Adak, D K; Gharami, A K; Bharati, P
1986Effects of altitude, ethnicity-religion, geographical distance and occupation on adult anthropometric characters of eastern himalayan populationsMajumder, Partha P; Gupta, R; Mukhopadhyay, Barun; Bharati, P; Roy, Subrata K; Masali, M; Sloan, A W; Basu, Amitabha
1980Environmental studies in Indian anthropology : perspectives, premises and strategyBasu, A; Gupta, R; Bharati, P
2004Estimation on infant and child mortality rates and identification of its determinants : a district level studyBharati, P; Pal, Manoranjan; Chaudhuri, Arijit; Bhattacharya, Biswanath; Vasulu, T S; Das, Robin; Ghosh, R
Jul-1990Fertility, mortality and maternal anaemic status in a village population of West Bengal, IndiaBharati, P
1987Food practices in contrasting populations : an anthropological study of the SherpasBasu, Amitabha; Mukhopadhyay, S; Majumder, P; Roy, Subrata K; Mukhopadhyay, Barun; Bharati, P; Gupta, R
2007Growth and nutritional status of the Bharia--a primitive tribe of Madhya PradeshTiwari, M K; Sharma, K K N; Bharati, S; Adak, D K; Ghosh, R; Bharati, P
2002Growth patterns of the kamars-a primitive tribe of chattisgarh, IndiaMitra, M; Kumar, P V; Ghosh, R; Bharati, P
2001Health and nutritional status of the ho preschool children of keonjbar districtGhosh, R; Bharati, P; Das, P
2005Height and related physical attributes vs earning : a case study of coalmine workers in IndiaDinda, Soumyananda; Gangopadhyay, P K; Chattopadhyay, B P; Saiyed, H N; Pal, M; Bharati, P
1998Height and weight of healthy Bengali boys of Howrah district, West BengalBharati, P; Bharati, S; Ghosh, R
Dec-2006Height, weight and earnings among coalminers in IndiaGangopadhyay, P K; Chattopadhyay, B P; Saiyed, H N; Pal, M; Bharati, P
2003Heritability estimates of height and weight in mahishya caste populationRoychoudhury, A; Ghosh, R; Vasulu, T S; Bharati, P
Dec-1981Intestinal parasitic infestations in populations inhabiting similar and contrasting ecological zonesBhattacharya, Sanat K; Mukhopadhyay, Barun; Bharati, P; Gupta, R; Dey, Badal; Basu, Amitabha