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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Dec-1999Algebraic geometry solves an old matrix problemBhatia, Rajendra
1997Approximate isometrics on Euclidean spacesBhatia, Rajendra; S╠ćemrl, Peter
2000Cartesian decompositions and schatten normsBhatia, Rajendra; Kittaneh, Fuad
2004Clarkson inequalities with several operatorsBhatia, Rajendra; Kittaneh, Fuad
Nov-2004Clarkson inequalities with several operatorsBhatia, Rajendra; Kittaneh, Fuad
2004Clarkson inequalities with several opreratorsBhatia, Rajendra; Kittaneh, Fuad
2001Compact operators whose real and imaginary parts are positiveBhatia, Rajendra; Zhan, X
1999Derivations,derivatives and chain rulesBhatia, Rajendra; Sinha, Kalyan B
1998Distance between commuting tuples of normal operatorsBhatia, Rajendra; Elsner, Ludwig; Semrl, P
1996Distance between hermitian operators in schatten classesBhatia, Rajendra; Semrl, P
Jan-1986Distance between the eigenvalues of hermitian matricesBhatia, Rajendra
1987Eigenvalue inequalities associated with the cartesian dcompositionAndo, T; Bhatia, Rajendra
1998Eigenvalues of symmetrizable matricesBhatia, Rajendra; Kittaneh, Fuad; Li, Ren Cang
1980Estimation of spectral variationBhatia, Rajendra
1989An external problem in fourier analysis with applications to operator theoryBhatia, Rajendra; Davis, Chandler; Paul, Koosis
2005Generalized Lyapunov equations and positive definite functionsBhatia, Rajendra; Drissi, Driss
2003Higher order logarithmic derivatives of matricesBhatia, Rajendra; Elsner, Ludwig
1994The Hoffman-wielandt inequality in infinite dimensionsBhatia, Rajendra; Elsner, Ludwig
1997How and why to solve the operator equation AX-XB=1Bhatia, Rajendra; Rosenthal, P
2008Infinite divisibility of GCD matricesBhatia, Rajendra; Dias da Silva, J A