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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1968Cataloging terminologyRanganathan, S R; Bhattacharya, G
1969Cataloguing research in IndiaBhattacharya, G
1972Chain procedure and structuring of a subjectBhattacharya, G
1972Choice of the heading of the main entry: simple bookBhattacharya, G
1981Computer readable data bases and the future of Information servicesBhattacharya, G
1970Conflict of authorship : corporate body vs corporate bodyRanganathan, S R; Bhattacharya, G
1971Conflict of authorship : name of original author merged in titleRanganathan, S R; Bhattacharya, G
1969Conflict of authorship : person vs corporate bodyRanganathan, S R; Bhattacharya, G
1969Conflict of authorship: person vs personRanganathan, S R; Bhattacharya, G
1973A critique of the general principles in AACRBhattacharya, G
1974Cutter's procedure for specific subject indexingBhattacharya, G
1966Development in notational plane upto primitive faceted notationRanganathan, S R; Bhattacharya, G
1966Discussion techniques in teaching library scienceNeelameghan, A; Bhattacharya, G
1971Education in documentationBhattacharya, G
1972General theory of library classification and classifying according to UDCBhattacharya, G
1974A general theory of subject headingsBhattacharya, G
1967Interpolation in the notational plane : a case studyNeelameghan, A; Bhattacharya, G; Gupta, A K
1966Locomotive production engineering : depth classificationNeelameghan, A; Bhattacharya, G
1967Names of the places of a periodical conferenceRanganathan, S R; Bhattacharya, G
1966Pre-course apprenticeship for B.lib.scNeelameghan, A; Bhattacharya, G