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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1957A Class of exact solutions of the combined gravitational and electro-magnetic field equations of general relativityBrahmachary, R L
1968Effects of ATP and EDTA on cleavage of limnaea embryosBrahmachary, R L; Basu, T K; Banerji, K P
1964Effects of chromomycin A3 on the embryonic development of Ciona IntestinaisBrahmachary, R L
2007Effects of root exudates of two mangrove species on in vilro spore germination and hyphal growth of glomus mosseaeKumar, T; Ghose, M; Brahmachary, R L
1969Electroscopic separation of RNA from snail embryosBrahmachary, R L; Tapaswi, P K
1971Further investigations on transcription and translation in limnaea embryosBrahmachary, R L; Palchoudhury, S R
10-Nov-1956A generalization of reissner-nordström solution. IBrahmachary, R L
21-Feb-1957A Generalization of Reissner-Nordström solution. IIBrahmachary, R L
1967Information transfer in Molluscan embryosBrahmachary, R L; Banerjee, K P
1981On the pheromones of tigers : experiments and theoryBrahmachary, R L; Dutta, J
1962A paper chromatographic approach to the problem of "Soil Enrichment" by earthwormsBrahmachary, R L
1973PHA-induced inhibition of DNA synthesis and cleavage in Limnaea EggsBrahmachary, R L; De, Anjana
Jul-1959আইনষ্টাইনের মহাকর্ষ তত্ত্বBrahmachary, R L
4-Nov-2007টিম্বাভাটির সিংহরাBrahmachary, R L; Chakraborty, Arpita
1963মনের রসায়ণ ?Brahmachary, R L