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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2011Asymptotic Bayes optimality under sparsity of some multiple testing proceduresBogdan, Malgorzata; Chakrabarti, Arijit; Fommlet, Florian; Ghosh, J K
2005The clock problem revisitedChakrabarti, Arijit; Mandal, B N; Gayen, Rupanwita
2008Energy identities in water wave scattering with higher order boundary conditionDas, Debashis; Mandal, B N; Chakrabarti, Arijit
2003A generalisation to the Hybrid fourier transform and and its applicationMandal, B N; Chakrabarti, Arijit
2006A generalization of BIC for the general exponential familyChakrabarti, Arijit; Ghosh, J K
2000On approximate evaluation of infinite integrals involving two parametersKanoria, Mridula; Chakrabarti, Arijit; Mandal, B N
Jan-1999On Galerkin's method applicable to the problems of water wage scattering by barriersMandal, B N; Chakrabarti, Arijit
2006Optimality of AIC in inference about brownian motionChakrabarti, Arijit
2006Optimality of AIC in inference about Brownian motionChakrabarti, Arijit; Ghosh, J K
2007Rules for synthesizing quantum boolean circuits using minimized nearest-neighbour templatesChakrabarti, Arijit; Sur Kolay, Susmita
1996Solution of a system of generalized able integral equations using fractional calculusMandal, N; Chakrabarti, Arijit; Mandal, B N
1994Solution of the problem of scattering of water waves by a nearly vertical plateBharathi, Vijaya L; Chakrabarti, Arijit; Mandal, B N; Banerjee, S
1997A unified approach to problems of scattering of surface water waves by vertical barriersChakrabarti, Arijit; Banerjee, S; Mandal, B N; Sahoo, T
2007Water wave diffraction by a surface stripGayen, Rupanwita; Mandal, B N; Chakrabarti, Arijit
2003A waveguide problem invoving a thick irsi in the theory of electromagnetismChakrabarti, Arijit; Kanoria, Mridula; Mandal, B N
1999The wiener hopf solution of a class of mixed boundary value problems arising in surface water wave phenomenaKanoria, Mridula; Mandal, B N; Chakrabarti, Arijit