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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1996Achivement and improvement in living standards : an impirical analysisMajumder, A; Chakravarty, S R
1982An axiomatisation of the entropy measure of inequalityChakravarty, S R
2004A characterization and some properties of the banzhaf-coleman sensitivity indexBarua, Rana; Chakravarty, S R; Roy, S; Sarkar, Palash
2007A deprivation-based axiomatic charecterization of the absolute bonferroni index of inequalityChakravarty, S R
1998Efficient horizontal mergersChakravarty, S R
1967Ethical indices of income mobilityChakravarty, S R; Dutta, Bhaskar; Weymark, John A
2003A Generalized human development indexChakravarty, S R
2007A generalized index of employment segregationChakravarty, S R; Silber, Jacques
2006A generalized index of employment segregationChakravarty, S R; Silber, Jacques
1995Income inequality and relative deprivationChakravarty, S R; Chattopadhyay, N; Majumder, Amita
1997Income inequality and tax progressionChakravarty, S R; Chattopadhyay, N
2003Individual welfare, social deprivation and income taxationChakravarty, S R; Moyes, Patrick
2003The measurement of multidimensional povertyBourguignon, F; Chakravarty, S R
Sep-2006The measurement of social exclusionChakravarty, S R; D Ambrosio, Conchita
1999Measures of deprivation and their meaning in terms of social satisfactionChakravarty, S R; Mukherjee, Diganta
1983Measures of poverty based on the representative income gapChakravarty, S R
2005Measuring human poverty : a generalized index and an application using basic dimensions of life and some anthropocentric indicatorsChakravarty, S R; Majumder, Amita
1999Measuring improvement in well beingChakravarty, S R; Mukherjee, Diganta
2003Measuring inter-induatry trade:an axiomatic approachChakravarty, S R; Silber, Jacques; Plingsten, A
2005Measuring power in weighted majority gamesBarua, Rana; Chakravarty, S R; Roy, S