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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Apr-2004An application of adaptive sampling to estimate highly localized population segmentsChaudhuri, Arijit; Bose, Mausumi; Ghosh, J K
Dec-2004An application of adaptive sampling to estimate highly localized population segmentsChaudhuri, Arijit; Bose, Mausumi; Ghosh, J K
1995Asymptotic design-cum-model approach for convex weighting of direct and indirect components of small domain predictorsChaudhuri, Arijit; Maiti, Tapabrata
1997Asymptotically optimal double sampling strategiesChaudhuri, Arijit; Adhikary, Arun Kumar
2004Christofides' randomized response technique in complex sample surveysChaudhuri, Arijit
1985Domain estimation in finite populationsChaudhuri, Arijit; Mukherjee, Rahul
2004Estimating domain wise distribution of scarce objects by adaptive sampling and model based borrowing of strengthChaudhuri, Arijit; Pal, S
2009Estimating means of stigmatizing qualitative and quantitative variables from discretionary responses randomized or directChaudhuri, Arijit; Dihidar, Kajal
2002Estimating proportions from unequal probability samples using randomized responses by warner's and other devicesChaudhuri, Arijit; Pal, S
1996Estimating regression coefficients from survey data by asymptotic design-cum-model based approachChaudhuri, Arijit; Maiti, Tapabrata
2006Estimation from two stage unequal probability sampling with missing unitsChaudhuri, Arijit; Saha, Amitava
2004Estimation on infant and child mortality rates and identification of its determinants : a district level studyBharati, P; Pal, Manoranjan; Chaudhuri, Arijit; Bhattacharya, Biswanath; Vasulu, T S; Das, Robin; Ghosh, R
2004Extending sitter's mirror match bootstrap to cover rao hartley Cochran sampling in two stages with simulated illustrationsChaudhuri, Arijit; Saha, Amitava
2004Extending Sitter’s mirror-match bootstrap to cover Rao-Hartley-Cochran sampling in two-stages with simulated illustrationsChaudhuri, Arijit; Saha, Amitava
2007Item count techniques in estimating the proportion of people with a sensitive featureChaudhuri, Arijit; Christofides, T C
2000Mean square error estimation in multi-stage samplingAdhikary, Arun Kumar; Chaudhuri, Arijit; Dihidar, Shankar
1997Model assisted survey sampling strategies with randomized responseChaudhuri, Arijit; Roy, D
1994Model assisted survey sampling strategy in two phasesChaudhuri, Arijit; Roy, Debesh
1996A note on competing variance estimators in randomized response surveysChaudhuri, Arijit; Maity, Tapabrata; Roy, Debesh
1997On a prgmatic modification of survey sampling in three stagesChaudhuri, Arijit