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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1995Generalized regression treesChaudhuri, Probal; Wen Da, Lo; Wei Yin, Loh; Ching Ching, Yang
2004Identification of polymorphic motifs using probabilistic search using algorithmsBasu, Analabha; Chaudhuri, Probal; Majumder, Partha P
2005Identification of polymorphic motifs using probabilities search algorithmsBasu, Analabha; Chaudhuri, Probal; Majumder, Partha P
15-Mar-2008Multiscale spectral analysis for detecting short and long range changepoints in time seriesOlsen, Lena Ringstad; Chaudhuri, Probal; Godtliebsen, Fred
1992Multivariate location estimation using extension of r-estimates through u-statistics type approachChaudhuri, Probal
1991Non-parametric estimates of regression quantiles and their local Bahadur representationChaudhuri, Probal
Jun-1993Nonlinear experiments-Optimal design and inference based on likehoodChaudhuri, Probal; Mykland, Per A
15-Oct-1993A note on robust estimation of locationChaudhuri, Probal; Sengupta, Debapriya
1999A note on robustness of multivariate mediansChaudhuri, Probal; Chakraborty, Biman
1996On a geometric notion of quantiles for multivariate dataChaudhuri, Probal
Aug-1996On a transformation and re-transformation technique for constructing an affine equivalent multivariate medianChakraborty, Biman; Chaudhuri, Probal
2005On data depth and distribution-free discriminant analysis using separating surfacesGhosh, Anil K; Chaudhuri, Probal
2008On detection and assessment of statistical significance of genomic islandsChatterjee, Raghunath; Chaudhuri, Keya; Chaudhuri, Probal
1995On efficient designing of nonlinear experimentsChaudhuri, Probal; Mykland, Per A
1995On efficient designing of nonlinear experimentsChaudhuri, Probal
1993On the dispersion of the multivariate medianBose, Arup; Chaudhuri, Probal
2005On visualization and aggregation of nearest neighbor classifiersGhosh, A K; Chaudhuri, Probal; Murty, C A
1993Sign tests in multi dimension : inference based on the geometry of the data cloudChaudhuri, Probal; Sengupta, Debapriya
2002Significance in scale space for bivariate density estimationGodtliebsen, Fred; Marron, J S; Chaudhuri, Probal
1999Sizer for exploration of structure in curvesChaudhuri, Probal; Marron, J S