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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1998Designs with nearly minimal number of observations and flexible blockingDas, A; Dean, Angel M; Notz, W R
2006A fuzzy rule based approach to cloud cover estimationGhosh, A; Pal, N R; Das, A
2001A model for interacting instabilities and texture dynamics of patternsDas, A; Kumar, Krishna; Ganesh, N
1997Optimal block designs for triallel cross experimentsDas, A; Gupta, S
1995Optimal block designs with minimal and nearly minimal number of unitsDey, Aloke; Shah, K R; Das, A
2003Optimal diallel cross designes for estimation of heritabilityDas, A; Ghosh, Himadri
2004Optimal diallel cross designs for interval estimation of heredityGhosh, Himadri; Das, A
2006Optimal diallel crosses for test versus control comparisonsDas, A; Gupta, S; Kageyama, Sanpei
2004Optimal main effect plans with non-orthogonal blocksDas, A; Dey, A
1991Optimal variance- and efficiency-balanced designs for one- and two-way elimination of heterogeneityDas, A; Dey, A
1998Optimality of a class of efficiency - balanced designsDas, A
2002Optimality of orthogonally blocked diallels with specific combining abilitiesChoi, K C; Chatterjee, K; Das, A; Gupta, S
2002Quasi orthogonal arrays and optimal fractional factorial plansChatterjee, K; Das, A; Dey, A
2002Quasiperiodic waves at the onset of zero prandtl number convection with rotationKumar, Krishna; Choudhuri, S; Das, A
2004Some series of block designs with nested rows and columnsDas, A; Sinha, K; Kageyama, Sanpei; Saha, G M