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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1970A comparative study of the interest pattern of the inmates of the house of detention, normal children and children living in a slum areaChatterji, S; Mukherjee, Manjula; Mitra, Sadhana; Datta, Amitava
2000A connectionist model for convex-hull of a planar setDatta, Amitava; Pal, S; Pal, N R
1996A dynamic neural net to compute convex hullDatta, Amitava; Parui, S K
2002A hybrid scheme for handptinted numeral recognition based on a self organizing network and MLP classifiersBhattacharya, U; Das, T K; Datta, Amitava; Parui, S K; Chaudhuri, B B
2002Image thinning by neural networksDatta, Amitava; Pal, S; Chakraborti, S
1997A modified self organizing neural net for shape extractionDatta, Amitava; Pal, T; Parui, S K
2001A multilayer self organizing model for convex hull computationPal, S; Datta, Amitava; Pal, N R
2002A neural network model for minimum spanning circle, its convergence, architecture design and applicationsDatta, Amitava; Parui, S K
Apr-1991A parallel algorithm for decomposition of binary objects throughParui, S K; Datta, Amitava
1995Shape approximation of are patterns using dynamics neural networksParui, S K; Datta, Amitava; Pal, T
1998Shape extraction : a Comparative study between neural network based and conventional techniqueParui, S K; Datta, Amitava
1997Skeleton from dot patterns : a neural network approachDatta, Amitava; Parui, S K
2001Skeletonization by a topology adaptive self organizing neural networkDatta, Amitava; Parui, S K; Chaudhuri, B B
1990Stat tech-a computer program package for statisticsRoy, Debashis; Datta, Amitava
1990Stattech- a computer program package for statisticsRoy, Debashis; Datta, Amitava