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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2005A-efficient balanced treatment incomplete block designsDas, Ashish; Dey, Aloke; Kageyama, Sanpei; Sinha, Kishor
2006Allocating factors of the columns of an orthogonal array when certain interactions are importantDas, Ashish; Dey, Aloke; Midha, Chand K
2005Asymmetric fractional factorial plans for main effects and specified two-factor interactionsDey, Aloke; Suen, Chung yi; Das, Ashish
2003Block designs for symmetric parallel line assays with block size oddChai, Feng shun chai; Das, Ashish; Dey, Aloke
2006Combined intra-inter unit analysis of crossover designs and related optimality resultsBose, Mausumi; Dey, Aloke
Mar-1989Computer aided-construction of d-optimal 2m fractional designs of resolution vNguyen, Nam Ky; Dey, Aloke
2003Construction of a asymmetric orthogonal arrays through finite geometriesSuen, Chung yi; Dey, Aloke
1996Construction of some asymmetrical orthogonal arraysDey, Aloke; Midha, Chand K
1996D-optimal designs with minimal and nearly minimal number of unitsDey, Aloke; Balasubramanian, K
2004Designs for diallel cross experiments with specific combining abilitiesDas, Ashish; Dey, Aloke
1997Distribution characterized through conditional expectationsBalasubramanian, K; Dey, Aloke
1999Incomplete block designs for slope ratio assaysBalasubramanian, K; Dey, Aloke; Gupta, Sudhir
1999Inter effect orthogonality and optimality in hierarchical modelsDey, Aloke; Mukherjee, Rahul
2003On a property of orthogonal arrays and optimal blocking of fractional factorial plansDas, Ashish; Dey, Aloke; Midha, Chand K
2008On E(s2)-optimal supersaturated designsDas, Ashish; Dey, Aloke; Chan, Ling Yau; Chatterjee, Kashinath
2001On the construction of asymmetric orthogonal arraysDas, Ashish; Dey, Aloke; Suen, Chung yi
1996Optimal block designs for diallel crossesDey, Aloke; Midha, Chand K
1995Optimal block designs with minimal and nearly minimal number of unitsDey, Aloke; Shah, K R; Das, A
1998Optimal designs for diallel cross experimentsDas, Ashish; Dey, Aloke; Dean, Angel M
2004Optimal main effect plans with non-orthogonal blocksDas, Ashish; Dey, Aloke