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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2008Aggregation pheromone density based data clusteringGhosh, A; Halder, A; Kothari, M; Ghosh, S
2009Aggregation pheromone density based pattern classificationHalder, A; Ghosh, A; Ghosh, S
2001Batalin-tyutin quantisation of the spinning particle modelGhosh, S
2008Berry phase effects in the dynamics of dirac electrons in doubly special relativity frameworkGosselin, P; Berard, A; Mohrbach, H; Ghosh, S
2003Bosonization in the non commutative planeGhosh, S
2002Covariantly quantized spinning particle and its possible connection to non commutative space timeGhosh, S
2008Crypto harmonic oscillator in higher dimensions:classical and quantum aspectsGhosh, S; Majhi, B R
2007Deformed special relativity and deformed symmetries in a canonical frameworkGhosh, S; Pal, P
2005Dissecting the correlation structure of a bivariate phenotype : common genes or shared environment?Ghosh, S
2001Distinguishability of bell statesGhosh, S; Kar, G; Roy, A; Sen, A; Sen, U
2004Distinguishability of maximally entangled statesGhosh, S; Kar, G; Roy, A; Sarkar, D
2007DSR relativistic particle in a lagrangian formulation and non-commutative space time : a gauge independent analysisGhosh, S
2006Effect of polymorphisms in PPARGC1A gene on body fat in Asian indiansVimaleswaran, K S; Radha, V; Anjana, M; Deepa, R; Ghosh, S; Majumder, Partha P; Rao, M R S; Mohan, V
1995Effect of reference period on engal elasticities of clothing and other items : further resultsGhosh, S; Bhattacharya, N
2003Effective field theory for noncommutative spacetime:A toy modelGhosh, S
2002Entanglement versus non-commutativity in teleportationGhosh, S; Kar, G; Roy, A; Sen, U
2006Evidence of linkage and association on 18p11.2 for psychosisMukherjee, O; Meera, P; Ghosh, S; Kubendran, S; Kiran, K; Manjunath, K R; Subhash, M N; Bengal, V; Brahmachari, S K; Majumder, Partha P; Jain, S
2007Exact quantum algorithm to distinguish boolean functions of different weightsBraunstein, S L; Choi, B S; Ghosh, S; Maitra, Subhamoy
2011Fuzzy clustering algorithms for unsupervised change detection in remote sensing imagesMishra, N S; Ghosh, S; Ghosh, A
2012Fuzzy clustering algorithms incorporating local information for change detection in remotely sensed imagesMishra, N S; Ghosh, S; Ghosh, A