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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1980Altitude and demography among the sherpasGupta, R
1991Altitude and growth among the sherpas of the eastern himalayasGupta, R; Basu, Amitabha
1990Anthropometric variation in IndiaMajumder, Partha P; Shankar, B Uma; Basu, Amitabha; Malhotra, K C; Gupta, R; Mukhopadhyay, Barun; Vijayakumar, M; Roy, Subrata K
2005Birth weight among Tibetans at different altitudes in India:Are tibetans better protected from IUGR?Tripathy, Vikal; Gupta, R
2008Chronic energy deficiency among the Indian women by residential statusBharati, P; Bharati, S; Pal, M; Chakrabarty, S; Gupta, R
1980A demographic study of Mirpur: A village in coastal Midnapore district, west BengalBasu, Amitabha; Gupta, R; Bhattacharya, Kalyan K
2005Economic variation and nutritional status : a microlevel study among tribal population in rural West BengalMondal, B; Chattopadhyay, M; Gupta, R
1986Effects of altitude, ethnicity-religion, geographical distance and occupation on adult anthropometric characters of eastern himalayan populationsMajumder, Partha P; Gupta, R; Mukhopadhyay, Barun; Bharati, P; Roy, Subrata K; Masali, M; Sloan, A W; Basu, Amitabha
1980Environmental studies in Indian anthropology : perspectives, premises and strategyBasu, A; Gupta, R; Bharati, P
1987Food practices in contrasting populations : an anthropological study of the SherpasBasu, Amitabha; Mukhopadhyay, S; Majumder, P; Roy, Subrata K; Mukhopadhyay, Barun; Bharati, P; Gupta, R
1988Genetic studies among the sedentes and migrant oraons of eastern IndiaSaha, N; Tay, J S H; Piplai, C; Gupta, R; Roy, Subrata K
1987A genetic study among the Lepchas of the Darjeeling area of eastern IndiaSaha, N; Bhattacharya, S P; Gupta, R; Basu, A
Nov-2007Growth among Tibetans at high and low altitudes in IndiaTripathy, Vikal; Gupta, R
1996Haematological traits, region and rural/urban residence among the Lepchas of Kalimpong subdivision, Darjeeling district, West Bengal(India)Mukhopadhyay, B; Gupta, R; Bhattacharya, S K
Sep-1996Haematological traits, religion and rural/urban residence among the lepchas of Kalimpong subdivision, Darjeeling district, West Bengal (India)Mukhopadhyay, Barun; Gupta, R; Bhattacharya, S K
1996Haematological traits,region and rural/urban residence among the lepchas of Kalimpong subdivisionMukhopadhyay, B; Gupta, R; Bhattacharya, S K
Dec-1981Intestinal parasitic infestations in populations inhabiting similar and contrasting ecological zonesBhattacharya, Sanat K; Mukhopadhyay, Barun; Bharati, P; Gupta, R; Dey, Badal; Basu, Amitabha
Dec-1995Introduction : P C Mahalanobis and the symposium on frontiers of anthropologyReddy, B Mohan; Gupta, R
1993A note on selection intensity among the muslims of a Calcutta slumGhosh Dastidar, Madhusree; Gupta, R
1983Ophthalomological traits in three populations of Kalimpong sub-division, Darjeeling district, West Bengal, IndiaForsius, Henrik; Mukhopadhyay, Barun; Basu, Amitabha; Gupta, R; Bhattacharya, Sanat K; Majumdar, Vivek