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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1939A 10 X 10 quasifactorial experiment at Chinsurah with 100 strains of riceMahalanobis, P C; Nair, K R; Chakravarti, S C
1950Age tables based on the Y-samplesMahalanobis, P C
1934Age variation of scores in a group test of intelligence in BengaliMahalanobis, P C
1956Agricultural statistics in relation to planning address delivered at the ninth annual meeting of the Indian society of agricultural statisticsMahalanobis, P C
1933Analysis of a manurial experiment on wheat conducted at Sakrand, SindMahalanobis, P C; Bose, S S
1960Analysis of errors in census and surveys with special reference to experience in IndiaMahalanobis, P C; Lahiri, D B
1934Analysis of marks in the school leaving certificate examination in the United provinces, India, 1919Mahalanobis, P C; Chakravarti, K N
1925Analysis of race-mixture in BengalMahalanobis, P C
1935Analysis of racial likeness in Bengal castesMahalanobis, P C
1963Analysis of variance of demographic variablesMahalanobis, P C; Som, R K; Mukherjee, Hari
1933Analysis of varietal tests with wheat conducted at Sarkand, Sind, 1931-32Mahalanobis, P C; Bose, S S
1922Anthropological observation on the Anglo-Indians of Calcutta : analysis of male statureMahalanobis, P C
1940Anthropological observation on the Anglo-Indians of Calcutta, Part III, Statistical analysis of measurements of seven charactersMahalanobis, P C
1930Anthropological observations on the Anglo-Indians of Calcutta. Part II: Analysis of Anglo-Indian head lengthMahalanobis, P C
1926Anthropometric survey of IndiaMahalanobis, P C
1949Anthropometric survey of the United provinces, 1941: a statistical studyMahalanobis, P C; Majumdar, D N; Rao, C Radhakrishna
1926Appendicitis, rainfall and bowel complaints : scope of the inquiryMahalanobis, P C
1935Application of statistical method in industryMahalanobis, P C
1940Application of statistical methods in physical anthropometryMahalanobis, P C
1932Application of statistics to agricultureMahalanobis, P C