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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1998Bank credit output and bank deposits in west bengal and selected statesMaiti, Pradip; Das, P K
1995Demand side factor and India's industrial growthMaiti, Pradip; Rao, R K
Jul-1997An econometric model of exploration and exploitation of hydrocarbonPal, M; Maiti, Pradip
Jul-1997An economic model of exploration and esploitation of hydrocarbonPal, M; Maiti, Pradip
2007Efficiency of indian manufacturing firms:textile industry as a case studyBhandari, Anup Kumar; Maiti, Pradip
1999Evolution of statistics in indiaGhosh, J K; Maiti, Pradip; Rao, T J; Sinha, B K
1973Factor price equalization theorem in linear programmingMaiti, Pradip
2000Growth and interstate disparities in IndiaDasgupta, Dipankar; Mukherjee, Robin; Maiti, Pradip; Sankar, Subrata; Chakravarty, Subhendu
1986India's import during the last three decades : an econometric studyMaiti, Pradip
1973A note on the possibility of decentralization in a model of allocation of resourcesMaiti, Pradip
1973A note on the possibility of decentralization in a model of allocation of resourcesMaiti, Pradip; Sengupta, Ramprasad
1995A note on zarembka's dual economy modelMaiti, Pradip
Jul-1993On forecasting denominational requirements of currency in IndiaSarkar, Nityananda; Maiti, Pradip; Coondoo, Dipankor
1975Price, income, interest in a two sector model of agriculture and non-agriculture : a theoretical and empirical analysis for Indian economyMaiti, Pradip
1990Scattering of water waves by a submerged nearly vertical plateMaiti, Pradip; Rakshit, P; Banerjee, S
1997Stochastic modelling and forecasting of discovery reserve and production of hydrocarbon with an applicationGhosh, J K; Maiti, Pradip; Mukhopadhyay, A C
Nov-1993Trends in level of living in urban IndiaMaiti, Pradip; Chattopadhyay, Manabendu
1988A unified approach to estimation of Lorenz ratio from a finite populationMaiti, Pradip; Pal, M
2005Water waves generated by disturbances at an ice coverMandal, B N; Maiti, Pradip