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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2007Approximate solution of a class of singular integral equations of second kindMandal, B N; Bera, G H
2007A class of dual integral equationsBera, G H; Mandal, B N
2005The clock problem revisitedChakrabarti, Arijit; Mandal, B N; Gayen, Rupanwita
May-1989A cylindrical webmaker in liquid of finite depth with an inertial surfaceMandal, B N; Kundu, Krishna
2008Energy identities in water wave scattering with higher order boundary conditionDas, Debashis; Mandal, B N; Chakrabarti, Arijit
2003A generalisation to the Hybrid fourier transform and and its applicationMandal, B N; Chakrabarti, Arijit
1990Generation of water waves at an inertial surface due to explosionsGhosh, N K; Mandal, B N
1999Generation of waves at an inertial surfaceGhosh, Prity; Mandal, B N
1995Interface wave diffraction by a thin vertical barries submerged in lower fluidMandal, B N; Banerjee, S; Dolai, D P
1989An inventory model for deteriorating items and stock-dependent consumption rateMandal, B N; Phaujdar, S
Sep-2004Motion due to ringsource in ice-coveredwaterGayen Chowdhury, Rupanwita; Mandal, B N
Apr-1991A note on an inventory model with different demand ratesMandal, B N; Ghosh, A K
1989A note on an inventory model with stock-dependent consumption rateMandal, B N; Phaujdar, S
1996A Note on dual integral equations involving associated Weber or transformsMandal, B N
2005A note on solution of the dispersion equation for small smplitude internal waveDas, Debashis; Mandal, B N
1991A note on waves due to rolling of a partially immersed nearly vertical plateBaneerjee, Sudeshna; Mandal, B N
15-Jan-2008Numerical solution of a singular integro-differential equationBhattacharya, Subhra; Mandal, B N
15-Jul-2007Numerical solution of some classes of integral equations using bernstein polynomialsMandal, B N; Bhattacharya, Subhra
1996Oblique interface wave diffraction by a small bottom deformation in two superposed fluidsMandal, B N; Basu, Uma
1996Oblique wave scattering by a submerged thin wall with gap in finite depth waterBanerjee, Sudeshna; Kanoria, Mridula; Dolai, Prity; Mandal, B N