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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1971A characterisation of moore-penrose inverse and related resultsMitra, Sujit Kumar; Bhimasankaram, P
1969Conditions for optimality and validity of simple least squares theoryMitra, Sujit Kumar; Rao, C Radhakrishna
1986Cost robustness of an algorithm for optimal integration of surveysKrishnamoorthy, K; Mitra, Sujit Kumar
1964Effect of non-normality on plans for sampling inspection by variablesDas, Nani Gopal; Mitra, Sujit Kumar
1975Extensions of a duality theorem concerning g-inverses of matricesMitra, Sujit Kumar; Rao, C Radhakrishna
1971Further contributions to the theory of generalized inverse of matrices and its applicationsRao, C Radhakrishna; Mitra, Sujit Kumar
1976Hermitian and non negative definite solutions of linear matrix equationsKhatri, C G; Mitra, Sujit Kumar
1971Left and right handedness of plant organs Is it determined by a Bernoulli processMitra, Sujit Kumar
1977The matrix equation AXB + CXD = EMitra, Sujit Kumar
1984The matrix equations Ax= C, XB=DMitra, Sujit Kumar
1986The minus partial order and the shorted matrixMitra, Sujit Kumar
1968A new class of g-inverse of square matricesMitra, Sujit Kumar
1954A note on minimum variance in unbiased estimationMitra, Sujit Kumar
1968On a generalized inverse of a matrix and applicationsMitra, Sujit Kumar
1987On group inverses and the sharp orderMitra, Sujit Kumar
1975On hybrid addition of matricesMitra, Sujit Kumar
1975On hybrid addition of matricesMitra, Sujit Kumar; Trapp, George E
1986On parallel summability of matricesMitra, Sujit Kumar; Odell, Patrick L
1986On parallel summabllity of matricesMitra, Sujit Kumar; Odell, Patrick L
1958On the limiting power function of the frequency chi-square test¹Mitra, Sujit Kumar