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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2006Bioinformatics with soft computingMitra, Sushmita; Hayashi, Yoichi
2003Clustering and its validation in a symbolic frameworkMali, Kalyani; Mitra, Sushmita
2003Clustering and its validation in a symbolic frameworkMali, Kalyani; Mitra, Sushmita
2004A connectionist approach to SODAR pattern classificationChoudhury, Swati; Mitra, Sushmita
2002Data mining in soft computing framework : a surveyMitra, Sushmita; Pal, Sankar K; Mitra, Pabitra
2001Evolutionary modular design of rough knowledge based network using fuzzy attributesMitra, Sushmita; Mitra, Pabitra; Pal, Sankar K
2001Evolutionary modular MLP with rough sets and ID3 algorithm for staging of cervical cancerMitra, Pabitra; Mitra, Sushmita; Pal, Sankar K
2007Evolutionary rough feature selection in gene expression dataBanerjee, Mohua; Mitra, Sushmita; Banka, Haider
2004An evolutionary rough partitive clusteringMitra, Sushmita
2007Evolutionary-rough feature selection in gene expression dataMitra, Sushmita; Banerjee, Mohua; Banka, Haider
2012Feature selection and clustering of gene expression profiles using biological knowledgeMitra, Sushmita; Ghosh, Sampreeti
1999Feature selection using radial basis function networkBasak, Jayanta; Mitra, Sushmita
2012Feature selection using structural similarityMitra, Sushmita; Pedrycz, Witold; Kundu, Partha Pratim
1994Fingerprint classification using fuzzy multi-layer perceptronMitra, Sushmita; Pal, Sankar K; Kundu, Malay K
2001FRBF : a fuzzy radial basis function networkMitra, Sushmita; Basak, Jayanta
2002A Fuzzy decision tree, linguistic rules and fuzzy knowledge based network: Generation and evaluationMitra, Sushmita; Konwar, Kishori Mohan; Pal, Sankar K
2002Fuzzy decision tree, linguistic rules and fuzzy knowledge-based network generation and evaluationPal, Sankar K; Mitra, Sushmita; Konwar, Kishori Mohan
1994Fuzzy MLP based expert system for medical diagnosisMitra, Sushmita
2004Fuzzy radial basis function network : a parallel designMitra, Sushmita
1996Fuzzy self organization,inferencing and rule generationMitra, Sushmita; Pal, Sankar K