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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1994Adjusted versus conditional likelihood:power properties and Barllett-type adjustmentGhosh, J K; Mukerjee, Rahul
Jun-1991Bartlett-type adjustment for the conditional likelihood ratio statistic of cox and reidMukerjee, Rahul; Chandra, Tapas Kumar
1992Bayesian and frequentist barllett corrections for likelihood ratio and conditional likelihood ratio testsGhosh, J K; Mukerjee, Rahul
1988Bounds on the number of constraints for balanced arrays of strengthSaha, G M; Mukerjee, Rahul; Kageyama, Sanpei
1987Characterization of bijective and bimeasureable transformations for bivariate normal variatesKhatri, C G; Mukerjee, Rahul
Aug-1982Construction of factorial designs with all main effects balancedMukerjee, Rahul
1989D-optimal measures for fourth-order rotatable designsHuda, S; Mukerjee, Rahul
1985D-optimal statistical designs with restricted string propertyMukerjee, Rahul; Huda, S
1988D−¹- partially efficiency-balanced designs with at most two efficiency classesKageyama, Sanpei; Saha, G M; Mukerjee, Rahul
2003Empirical bayes prediction intervals in a normal regression model : higher order asymptoticBasu, Ruma; Ghosh, J K; Mukerjee, Rahul
1988Estimability-consistency and its equivalence with regularity in factorial experimentsMukerjee, Rahul; Bose, Mausumi
1993Frequentist validity of highest posterior density regions in the multiparameter caseMukerjee, Rahul; Ghosh, J K
Dec-1986General balanced designs through reinforcementKageyama, Sanpei; Mukerjee, Rahul
1992Maximum likehood characterization of the von mises-fisher matrix distributionPurakayastha, Sumitra; Mukerjee, Rahul
1992Maximum likelihood characterization of the von mises-fisher matrix distributionPurkayastha, Sumitra; Mukerjee, Rahul
1992Maximum likelihood characterization of the Von mises-fisher matrix distributionPurkayastha, Sumitra; Mukerjee, Rahul
1988Non-equireplicate kronecker factorial designsMukerjee, Rahul; Bose, Mausumi
1982A note on the universal optimality criterion for full rank modelsSinha, B K; Mukerjee, Rahul
1987On cyclic semi-regular group divisible designsMukerjee, Rahul; Jimbo, Masakazu; Kageyama, Sanpei
1995On perturbed ellipsoidal and highest posterior density regions with approximate frequentist validityGhosh, J K; Mukerjee, Rahul