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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1968An application of the technique of analysis of variance in an experiment in the field educational measurementMukherjee, Manjula; Chatterji, S
1974A comparative study of the interest of high achievers and low achievers in science streamChatterji, S; Mukherjee, Manjula; Mitra, S K; Banerjee, T
1970A comparative study of the interest pattern of the inmates of the house of detention, normal children and children living in a slum areaChatterji, S; Mukherjee, Manjula; Mitra, Sadhana; Datta, Amitava
1977Comparison of social-prejudices and their correlates for male and female college studentsChatterji, S; Mukherjee, Manjula; Charaborty, Satayendranath; Hassan, M K
1985Comparison of the personality pofiles of over, under and equal-achieversChatterji, S; Mukherjee, Manjula
1985Comparison of the personality projects of over, under and equal-achieversChatterji, S; Mukherjee, Manjula
1983A comprative study of the interest profiles of neurotic and normal childrenChatterji, S; Mukherjee, Manjula
1971Construction and development of a non-language test of verbal intelligenceChatterji, S; Mukherjee, Manjula
1970Construction and development of a test of english knowledge and comprehension at the higher secondary levelChatterji, S; Mukherjee, Manjula
1961Construction of a table for estimation of item validity indices in terms of Davis discrimination for criterion groups based on Median SplitChatterji, S; Mukherjee, Manjula
1971Correlates of the achievement in business management courseChatterji, S; Mukherjee, Manjula; Mitra, Subir Kumar
1966The development of non-language test of verbal intelligenceChatterji, S; Mukherjee, Manjula
1970Differential prediction of success through the use of psychological testsChatterji, S; Mukherjee, Manjula
1980Effect of certain environmental conditions upon neruronticism among deliquent and non-deliquent boysChatterji, S; Mukherjee, Manjula; Chakraborty, S N
1972The effect of change of activity in repetitive workBhattacharya, K P; Chatterji, S; Mukherjee, Manjula
1974Effect of education level, culture, grade or division and age upon the general ability scoreChatterji, S; Mukherjee, Manjula; Chakraborty, Pranab
1988Effect of perceived body image, self esteem, performance, self assessment and anxiety on performance in group discussion in a real selection situationChatterji, S; Mukherjee, Manjula
1963Effect of practice on test scoreMukherjee, Manjula
1976Effect of sex, urbanization and caste on anxietyChatterji, S; Mukherjee, Manjula; Hassan, M K
1968Factor study of an aptitude test battery used for differential predictionChatterji, S; Mukherjee, Manjula