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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1985Asymptotically optimal weighing designs with string propertyMukherjee, Rahul; Saha Ray, Rita
1991Barlett type modification for Rao's efficient score statisticsChandra, Tapas Kumar; Mukherjee, Rahul
1993Comparison between the locally most mean power unbiased and Rao's tests in the multiparameter caseMukherjee, Rahul; Sen Gupta, Ashis
1991Consistent estimation for densityChandra, Tapas Kumar; Mukherjee, Rahul
1986Construction of orthogonal factorial designs controlling interaction efficienciesMukherjee, Rahul
1985Domain estimation in finite populationsChaudhuri, Arijit; Mukherjee, Rahul
2003Empirical bayes prediction intervals in a normal regression model : higher order asymptoticsGhosh, J K; Basu, Ruma; Mukherjee, Rahul
1985Fraction selection problem in discrete multivariate analysisMukherjee, Rahul
1995Frequentist validity of highest posterior density regions in the presence of nuisance parametersGhosh, J K; Mukherjee, Rahul
1999Inter effect orthogonality and optimality in hierarchical modelsDey, Aloke; Mukherjee, Rahul
1992Maximum likehood characterization of the von mises-fisher matrix distributionPurkayastha, Sumitra; Mukherjee, Rahul
1985Minimax second and third order designs to estimate the slope of a response surfaceMukherjee, Rahul; Huda, S
1987Minimax second-order designs for difference between estimated responses in extrapolation regionHuda, S; Mukherjee, Rahul
1984Minimizing the maximum variance of the difference between two estimated responsesHuda, S; Mukherjee, Rahul
1985A note on construction of symmetric factorials retaining full information on main effectsMukherjee, Rahul; Huda, S
1995On perturbed ellipsoidal and highest posterior density regions with aproximate frequentist validityGhosh, J K; Mukherjee, Rahul
1985On resolvable and affine resolvable variance - balanced designsMukherjee, Rahul; Kageyama, Sanpei
1988Optimal design for the estimation of variance componentsMukherjee, Rahul; Huda, S
1989Optimal estimation of finite population total under a general correlated modelMukherjee, Rahul; Sengupta, S
1987Optimal repeated measurements designs under interactionsSen, Mausumi; Mukherjee, Rahul