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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2000Air quality and economic growth : an empirical studyDinda, Soumyananda; Coondoo, Dipankor; Pal, M
2008Chronic energy deficiency among the Indian women by residential statusBharati, P; Bharati, S; Pal, M; Chakrabarty, S; Gupta, R
Jul-1997An econometric model of exploration and exploitation of hydrocarbonPal, M; Maiti, Pradip
Jul-1997An economic model of exploration and esploitation of hydrocarbonPal, M; Maiti, Pradip
2004Effect of socio-economic and biological variables on birth weightSom, S; Pal, M; Adak, D K; Gharami, A K; Bharati, P
2005Height and related physical attributes vs earning : a case study of coalmine workers in IndiaDinda, Soumyananda; Gangopadhyay, P K; Chattopadhyay, B P; Saiyed, H N; Pal, M; Bharati, P
Dec-2006Height, weight and earnings among coalminers in IndiaGangopadhyay, P K; Chattopadhyay, B P; Saiyed, H N; Pal, M; Bharati, P
May-2003Learning fuzzy rules for controllers with genetic algorithmsPal, T; Pal, N R; Pal, M
1993A note on prevalence of intestinal parasitosis in a coastal zone of West BengalBhattacharya, S K; Nayak, S; Dey, Badal; Pal, M; Basu, A
2007Obstetric care practice in Birbhum district, West Bengal, IndiaBharati, S; Pal, M; Bharati, P
2007Prevalence and causes of chronic energy deficiency and obesity of women in indiaBharati, S; Pal, M; Bhattacharya, B; Bharati, P
2007Role of individual and household level factors on stunting : a comparative study in three Indian statesSom, S; Pal, M; Bharati, P
1989Size and shape components of anthropometric differences among the YanadisVasulu, T S; Pal, M
Sep-2006Socioeconomic differentials in nutritional status of children in the states of West Bengal and Assam, IndiaSom, S; Pal, M; Bhattacharya, B; Bharati, S; Bharati, P
1988A unified approach to estimation of Lorenz ratio from a finite populationMaiti, Pradip; Pal, M