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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2003Breast cancer detection using rank nearest classification rulesBagui, S C; Bagui, S; Pal, Kuhu; Pal, N R
1997Cluster validation using graphs theoretic conceptsPal, N R; Biswas, J
Aug-1999Comments on a fuzzy neural network and its application to pattrern recognitionPal, N R; Mandal, Gautam K; Kumar, Eluri Vijaya
2007Comparison between k-NN and k-RNN classification rules : a monte carlo simulation studyBagui, S S; Bagui, S C; Pal, N R; Matin, M A
2002Complexity reduction for large image processingPal, N R; Bezdek, James C
2000A connectionist model for convex-hull of a planar setDatta, Amitava; Pal, S; Pal, N R
2001Connectionist models in material science:charecterization of sorption properties of hydrogen storage materialsPal, Kuhu; Pal, N R
1995A Connectionist system for learning and recognition of structuresBasak, Jayanta; Pal, N R; Pal, Sankar K
1995A Connectionist system for learning and recognition of structuresBasak, Jayanta; Pal, N R; Pal, Sankar K
2004Design of vector quantizer for image compression using set organizing lecture map and surface fittingLaha, Arijit; Pal, N R; Chanda, Bhabatosh
2005Designing fuzzy rule based classifier using self organizing feature map for analysis of multispectral satellite imagesPal, N R; Laha, Arijit; Das, J
1997The determinant of a fuzzy matrix with respect to T and Co-T normsHamasinha, R; Pal, N R; Bezdek, James C
2007Discovering biomarkers from gene expression data for predicting cancer subgroups using neural networks and relational fuzzy clusteringPal, N R; Aguan, Kripamoy; Sharma, Animesh; Amari, Shun ichi
2000Dynamic generation of prototype with self organizing feature maps for classifier designLaha, Arijit; Pal, N R
2002Editorial computational intelligence for pattern recognitionPal, N R; Pal, Srimanta
2008Fast codebook searching in a SOM-based vector quantizer for image compressionLaha, Arijit; Chanda, Bhabatosh; Pal, N R
1997Feature analysis : neural network and fuzzy set theoretic approachesDe, Rajat K; Pal, N R; Pal, Sankar K
1992Fuzzy convergence, probability measure matter of fuzzy events and image thresholdingBhandari, Dinabandhu; Pal, N R; Dutta Majumder, D
1994Fuzzy kohonen clustering networksTsao, E C K; Bezdek, James C; Pal, N R
Jun-2002Fuzzy logic approaches to structure preserving dimensionality reductionPal, N R; Eluri, Vijaya Kumar; Mandal, Gautam K