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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1999A boson fock space realization of arcsine brownian motionParthasarathy, K R
1995Chaos map for the universal enveloping algebra of U(N)Hudson, R L; Parthasarathy, K R
1963Effective entropy rate and transmission of information with additive random noiseParthasarathy, K R
1990A generalised biane processParthasarathy, K R
Feb-1994Kolmogorov's existence theorem for the Markov processes in C algebrasBhat, B V Rajarama; Parthasarathy, K R
1995Markov dilations of nonconservative dynamical semigroups and a quantam boundary theoryBhat, B V Rajarama; Parthasarathy, K R
Mar-2001The mathematics of error correcting quantum codesParthasarathy, K R
1976A new method for constructing factorisable representations for current groups and current algebrasParthasarathy, K R; Schmidt, K
1962A note on mixing processesParthasarathy, K R
1961On testing the mean of a discrete linear processParthasarathy, K R
1961On the category of ergodic measuresParthasarathy, K R
1962On the category of indecomposable distributions on topological groupsParthasarathy, K R; Ranga Rao, R; Varadarajan, S R S
1960On the estimation of the spectrum of a stationary stochastic processParthasarathy, K R
1961On the integral representation of the rate of the transmission of the stationery channelParthasarathy, K R
Nov-2004On the maximal dimension of a completely entangled subspace for the finite level quantum systemsParthasarathy, K R
1988The passage from random walk to diffusion in quantum probabilityParthasarathy, K R
1988The passage from random work to diffusion in quantum probability IILindsay, J M; Parthasarathy, K R
2000Positive definite functions and operator inequalitiesBhatia, Rajendra; Parthasarathy, K R
Sep-1999Quantum Markov processes with a Christensen - evans generator in a von Neuman algebrsSinha, Kalyan B; Parthasarathy, K R
1989A remark on spin correlationsParthasarathy, K R