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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1986An algorithm to find the smallest committee containing a given setRamamurthy, K G; Parthasarathy, T
2000Complementarity forms of theorems of lyapunov and steinGowda, M Seetherama; Parthasarathy, T
1997Constructive characterization of lipschitzian Q matricesMuthy, G S R; Parthasarathy, T; Sriparna, B
1971Discounted and positive stochastic gamesParthasarathy, T
1982Existence of equilibrium stationery strategies in discounted stochastic gamesParthasarathy, T
1998Fully copositive matricesMurthy, G S R; Parthasarathy, T
1985A generalization of the three modules theoremRamamurthy, K G; Parthasarathy, T
1986The Jacobian Matrin, global univalence and completely mixed gamesParthasarathy, T; Ravindran, G
1994The linear complementarity problem with exact order matricesMohan, S R; Parthasarathy, T; Sridhar, R
Apr-1966Minimax theorems and product solutionsParthasarathy, T
1983A note on factorisation of simple gamesRamamurthy, K G; Parthasarathy, T
1997On lipschitzian Q0 and INS matricesParthasarathy, T; Sridhar, R; Sriparna, B
2005On the lipschitz continuity of the solution map in semi definite linear complementarity problemsBalaji, R; Parthasarathy, T; Raman, D Sampangi; Vetrivel, V
1990On weekly completely mixed biamatrix gamesJurg, A P; Jansen, M J M; Parthasarathy, T; Tijs, S H
2010Orderfield property of mixtures of stochastic gamesKrishnamurthy, Nagarajan; Parthasarathy, T; Ravindran, G
2002Relationship between strong monotonicity property,P-2 property and the GUS property in SDLCPParthasarathy, T; Raman, D Sampangi; Sriparna, B
2002Relationship between strong monotonocity property, P2 property and the GUS-property in semidefinite linear complementarity problemsParthasarathy, T; Sampangi, Raman D; Sriparna, B
1998Some recent results on the linear complementarity problemMurthy, G S R; Parthasarathy, T; Sriparna, B
2000Stability and largeness of core for symmetric gamesBiswas, Amit K; Parthasarathy, T; Ravindran, G
2001Stability and largeness of the coreBiswas, Amit K; Parthasarathy, T; Ravindran, G