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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2007Color texure analysis of rice leaves diagnosing deficiency in the balance of mineral levels towards improvement of crop productivitySanyal, P; Bhattacharya, U; Parui, S K; Bandyopadhyay, S K; Patel, S
1993Computing the shape of a point set in digital imagesParui, S K; Sarkar, S; Chaudhuri, B B
2007Direction code based features for recognition of online handwritten charecters of BanglaBhattacharya, U; Gupta, B K; Parui, S K
1996A dynamic neural net to compute convex hullDatta, Amitava; Parui, S K
1986How to discriminate shapes using the shape vectorParui, S K; Sarma, S Eswara; Dutta Majumder, D
2002A hybrid scheme for handptinted numeral recognition based on a self organizing network and MLP classifiersBhattacharya, U; Das, T K; Datta, Amitava; Parui, S K; Chaudhuri, B B
1997An improved backpropagation neural network for detection of road like features in satellite imageryBhattacharya, U; Parui, S K
2007Initiative for Indian language IR evaluationMajumdar, P; Mitra, M; Parui, S K; Bhattacharya, P
2006ISITRA:a generalized way of signal decomposition and reconstructionSingh, Yumnam Kirani; Parui, S K
2007Machine dating of handwritten manuscriptsGarain, U; Parui, S K; Paquet, T; Heutte, L
1991Methods for classification of two thyroid follicular tumour classesParui, S K; Juetting, U; Burger, G
1997An MLP-based texture segmentation method without selecting a feature setBhattacharya, U; Chaudhuri, B B; Parui, S K
1997A modified self organizing neural net for shape extractionDatta, Amitava; Pal, T; Parui, S K
2002A neural network model for minimum spanning circle, its convergence, architecture design and applicationsDatta, Amitava; Parui, S K
1982A new definition of shape similarityParui, S K; Dutta Majumder, D
1997A novel approach to computation of the shape of a dot pattern and extraction and its perceptual borderRay Chaudhuri, A; Chaudhuri, B B; Parui, S K
1995On the rate of convergence of perceptron learningBhattacharya, U; Parui, S K
Apr-1991A parallel algorithm for decomposition of binary objects throughParui, S K; Datta, Amitava
Dec-1991A parallel algorithm for detection of linear strucures in satellite imagesParui, S K; Uma Shankar, B; Mukherjee, A; Dutta Majumdar, D
1982A procedure for recognition of connected handwritten numeralsParui, S K; Chaudhuri, B B; Dutta Majumder, D