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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
May-2004Aggregation in area yield crop insurance : the linear additive modelRamaswami, Bharat; Roe, Terry l
2007Biofortified crops and biotechnology : a political economy landscape for IndiaRamaswami, Bharat
2007Competition and monopoly in the Indian cotton seed marketRamaswami, Bharat; Murugkar, M; Shelar, M
2005The cost of biosafety regulation : the Indian experienceRamaswami, Bharat; Pray, Carl E; Bengali, Prajakta
2006Costs and enforcement of biosafety regulations in India and ChinaPray, Carl E; Ramaswami, Bharat; Huang, Jikun; Hu, Ruifa; Bengali, Prajakta
2002Food prices and efficiency of public intervention The case of the public distribution system in indiaRamaswami, Bharat; Balakrishnan, P
Dec-2001The impact of economic reforms on R&D by the Indian seed industryPray, Carl E; Ramaswami, Bharat; Kelley, Timothy
2002Labour income and risky investmentsRamamurtie, B S; Ramaswami, Bharat; Andersson, H
2001Liberalization's impact on the indian seed industry:competition,research and impact on farmersPray, C; Ramaswami, Bharat
1992Production risk and optimal input decisionsRamaswami, Bharat
Jul-1995Public intervention and private speculation : the case of wheat procurementBalakrishnan, Pulapre; Ramaswami, Bharat
2005Reducing subsidies on household fuels in India : how will it affect the poor?Ramaswami, Bharat; Gangopadhyay, S; Wadhwa, Wilima
2004Reforming food subsidies : estimating the gains from self-targeting in IndiaDutta, Bhaskar; Ramaswami, Bharat
2009Sectoral labour flows and agricultural wages in India, 1983-2004Eswaran, Mukesh; Kotwal, Ashok; Ramaswami, Bharat; Wadhwa, Wilima
2013Status, caste, and the time allocation of women in rural indiaEswaran, Mukesh; Ramaswami, Bharat; Wadhwa, Wilima
Nov-1993Supply response to agricultural insurance : risk reduction and moral hazard effectsRamaswami, Bharat
5-May-2001Targeting and efficiency in the public distribution system : case of Andhra Pradesh and MaharashtraDutta, Bhaskar; Ramaswami, Bharat
2002Understanding the seed industry : contemporary trends and analytical issuesRamaswami, Bharat
2000Vision and illusion in fiscal correctionRamaswami, Bharat; Balakrishnan, Pulapre