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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1976The 1975 wald memorial lectures : estimation of parameters in a linear modelRao, C Radhakrishna
1955Analysis of dispersion for multiply classified data with unequal numbers in cellsRao, C Radhakrishna
1949Anthropometric survey of the United provinces, 1941: a statistical studyMahalanobis, P C; Majumdar, D N; Rao, C Radhakrishna
1962Apparent anomalies and irregularities in maximum likelihood estimationRao, C Radhakrishna
1958Bengal anthropometric survey, 1945 : a statistical studyMajumdar, D N; Rao, C Radhakrishna
1967Calculus of generalized inverses of matrices part I- general theoryRao, C Radhakrishna
1976Characterisation of prior distributions and solution to a compound decision problemRao, C Radhakrishna
1980Characterization of probability distributions based on a generalised rao-rubin conditionRao, C Radhakrishna; Srivastava, R C; Talwalker, Sheela; Edgar, Gerald A
1966Characterization of the distribution of random variables in linear structural relationsRao, C Radhakrishna
1976Characterizations of multivariate normality : through independence of some statisticsKhatri, C G; Rao, C Radhakrishna
1961Combinatorial arrangements analogous to orthogonal arraysRao, C Radhakrishna
1969Conditions for optimality and validity of simple least squares theoryMitra, Sujit Kumar; Rao, C Radhakrishna
1946Confounded factorial designs in quasi-latin squaresRao, C Radhakrishna
1963Criteria of estimation in large samplesRao, C Radhakrishna
1963Criteria of estimation in large samplesRao, C Radhakrishna
1969A decmposition theorem for vector variables with a linear structureRao, C Radhakrishna
1966Discriminant function between composite hypotheses and relation problemsRao, C Radhakrishna
1982Diversity : its measurement, decomposition apportionment and analysisRao, C Radhakrishna
1962Efficient estimates and optimum inference procedures in large samplesRao, C Radhakrishna
1959Expected values of mean squares in the analysis incomplete block experiments and some comments based on themRao, C Radhakrishna