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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1995Anthropometric affinities amon the 20 end ogamous groups of dhangars of maharastra, IndiaMahotra, K C; Reddy, B Mohan; Bhanu, B V
2006Asian and non-Asian origins of mon-khmer- and Mundari-speaking austro-Asiatic populations of IndiaKumar, Vikrant; Langsiteh, Banrida T; Biswas, Silpak; Babu, Pradeep J; Rao, T Nageswara; Thangaraj, Kumarasamy; Reddy, A G; Singh, I; Reddy, B Mohan
1999Biological affinities between migrant and parental populations of fishermen on the east coast of IndiaReddy, B Mohan; Chopra, Virendra P
23-Mar-2015Effect of rain and cloud on tropospheric propagation delays in microwave bandGhosh, A B; Sarkar, S K; Reddy, B Mohan
Feb-1986Ethnic variation in interfinger correlation of ridge countsMalhotra, K C; Reddy, B Mohan
Jan-2004Ethno-historic and linguistic background of lyngngams and their demographic structureLangsiteh, Banrida T; Reddy, B Mohan
1999Fluctuating asymmetry and canalization: an appraisal based on a-b ridge counts among Indian populations with diverse backgroundsReddy, B Mohan
2006Genetic affinities among the lower castes and tribal groups of India : inference from Y chromosome and mitochondrial DNAThanseem, Ismail; Thangaraj, Kumarasamy; Chaubey, Gyaneshwer; Singh, Vijay Kumar; Bhaskar, Lakkakula V K S; Reddy, B Mohan; Reddy, Alla G; Singh, Lalji
1989Genetic differential among four of fishermen of the Eastern coast, IndiaReddy, B Mohan; Chopra, Virendra P; Rodewald, Alexander; Mukherjee, B N; Malhotra, K C
2006Genetic diversity within a caste population of India as measured by chromosome haplogroups and haplotypes : sub-castes of the golla of Andhra pradeshMitchell, R J; Reddy, B Mohan; Campo, D; Infantino, T; Kaps, M; Crawford, Michael H
2004Genetic heterogeneity in northeastern India: reflection of trbecaste continum in the genetic structureKumar, Vikrant; Basu, D; Reddy, B Mohan
1987Genetic significance of the relationship between absolute total finger ridge count and its variabilityReddy, B Mohan; Malhotra, K C
2008Genetics of human obesity : an overviewNirmala, A; Reddy, B Mohan; Reddy, P P
1994Geographical and ethnic variability of finger ridge-counts-Biplots of male and female Indian samplesKrishnan, T; Reddy, B Mohan
Dec-1995Introduction : P C Mahalanobis and the symposium on frontiers of anthropologyReddy, B Mohan; Gupta, R
1999Opportunity for natural selection among the occupationally different groups of gangte tribe of Manipur, North-East IndiaHemam, Natabar Shyam; Reddy, B Mohan
1987Opportunity for natural selection with special reference to population structural measures among the vaddeReddy, B Mohan; Chopra, Virendra P; Malhotra, K C
1987Opportunity for natural selection with special reference to population structural measures among the VaddeReddy, B Mohan; Chopra, Virendra P; Malhotra, K C
Apr-2004Patterns of ethnic, linguistic, and geographic heterogeneity of palmar interdigital ridge counts in the Indian subcontinentReddy, B Mohan; Demarchi, D A; Bharati, S; Kumar, Vikrant; Crawford, Michael H
1989Phenyltheocarbamide taste sensitivity revisited- complete sorting test supports redual family resemblanceReddy, B Mohan; Rao, D C