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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1961Analysis of two-way designsRoy, Jogabrata; Shah, K R
1964An approximation to the non-central chi-square distributionRoy, Jogabrata; Mohamad, Jan
1956Classification and analysis of link block designsRoy, Jogabrata; Laha, R G
1980Estimates of parameters of grain-size distribution from weight frequenciesAdhikary, Arun Kumar; Roy, Jogabrata; Sengupta, S
1960Estimating the mean of a finite populationRoy, Jogabrata; Chakraborty, I M
1972Evaluation of gamma scoreRoy, Jogabrata
1962A laguerre series approximation to the sampling distribution of the varianceRoy, Jogabrata; Tiku, M L
1960Non-null distribution of the likelihood-ratio in analysis of dispersionRoy, Jogabrata
1957A note on estimation of variance components in multistage sampling with varying probabilitiesRoy, Jogabrata
1957On partially balanced linked block designsRoy, Jogabrata; Laha, R G
1956On some quick decision methods in multivariate in multivariate and univariate analysisRoy, Jogabrata
1954On some tests of significance in samples from bi-polar normal distributionsRoy, Jogabrata
1958On the efficiency factor of block designsRoy, Jogabrata
1962Recovery of interblock informationRoy, Jogabrata; Shah, K R
1958Step-down procedure in multivariate analysis┬╣Roy, Jogabrata
1960Tests for independence and symmetry in multivariate normal populationsRoy, Jogabrata
1956Two associate partially balanced designs involving three replicationsRoy, Jogabrata
1957Unbiassed minimum variance estimation in a class of discrete distributionRoy, Jogabrata; Mitra, Sujit Kumar
1963Use of randomised rounded off weights in sample surveysRoy, Jogabrata; Kalyanasundaram, G